Alex Mali, a soulful artist from Brooklyn, New York, is setting the tone with her unique blend of Dancehall R&B/Pop. Her latest single, “DinnerTime,” (out today), is a song about self-confidence and empowerment that serves as a teaser for her upcoming debut album. 

“DinnerTime” is a playful exploration of sensuality and self-confidence, with Alex expertly crafting catchy puns and wordplay throughout the track. She suggests skipping dinner in favor of being the main course sensually and poetically.

Alex Mali explores the concept of women comparing themselves to “a snack” or “a meal,” delving into her own perspective and redefining what it means to be sexy. Through the song, she creates a sensual atmosphere that is both bold and delicate, showcasing her unique storytelling ability.

Music provides Alex Mali with both passion and solace. It was a source of comfort and expression for her during her first year of college as she battled depression. She wants to provide a safe space for listeners to navigate their own emotions and find solace through her music.

Alex Mali describes her sound as Dancehall R&B/Pop, referencing her Jamaican and Trinidadian roots. Her genre fusion creates a unique and authentic sonic experience that reflects her upbringing and influences. 

Being sampled by Dancehall artist Kranium was one of the proudest moments in Alex Mali’s music career thus far. Being recognized and sampled by an artist she grew up listening to was a surreal and gratifying experience that highlighted her early success in the industry.

Alex Mali’s message to her fans and listeners is to embrace the journey of self-discovery, finding beauty in every stage, setback, and triumph. She encourages her audience to appreciate their own evolution, trust the process, and remain resilient in the face of life’s ups and downs.

“Finding yourself is a journey and you should allow yourself the grace to find the beauty in every phase, every setback, and every triumph,” Alex Mali says. “Go through those emotions with confidence in knowing that all will be as it’s meant to be because you have appreciated the evolution and trusted the process. Keep going.”

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Alex Mali