Kayo of “Black Ink Atlanta” chats art and refreshing a creative mindset.

2020 has brought the surge of creative minds together, in hopes of shining light. This presented the questions, how can one find positive inspiration in a dimly lit circumstance? But artists all over the world like professional tattoo artist, Kayo chose to thrive, Kayo aka “Kaytovenn” began art around the age of 5 with the help of creative parents. Going from drawing comic characters to airbrushing shoes, he matured his art well into college, where he desired a way to monetize his skills and got to learn firsthand from his television mentor. He ended up on Black Ink Atlanta and changed the face of tattoo art and style. Kayo took time to talk with SHEEN further about his start, coming up on 10 years in the industry, and creating art during a pandemic.


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