Horse racing as a sport probably has one of the most diverse fan bases out of all sports. There is something about horse racing events that draws people in no matter their age, status, or nationality.

It is a truly unique sport. So, horse racing is also known for attracting high-class individuals, and celebrities. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, horse racing is exciting and fun to watch. The adrenaline rush you get from the races, and the anticipation of the results of big events like the Kentucky Derby is a feeling that cannot be replaced with something else.

Speaking of results from the Kentucky Derby, if you are a fan of the race and eagerly await the start of it, make sure to observe the results from previous years before you place a bet on the link below:

Secondly, horse racing as a sport has always been associated with money and class. Everywhere you look you see elegance, status, and of course money. From the luxury sponsors to the fashion at the races, and the big prize purses, there is no doubt that we are talking about a prestigious sport.

Celebrities often like to attend such prestigious events even if they are not interested in horse racing just because it provides them with a networking opportunity, and a chance to be seen by the paparazzi. 

However, some celebrities have fallen in love with the sport, and they attend events just because they cannot get enough of the adrenaline rush of the races.

Sir Alex Ferguson

As successful on the football field as he was during his storied spell as Manchester United’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson also has a deep passion for horse racing. Ferguson has owned racehorses and participated actively in major racing events during his decades-long involvement in the sport of racing. 

His competitive edge and careful preparation are applied to his equestrian endeavors in the racing scene, where his strategic ability from managing football teams transfers naturally. 

Through his several Group One victories Sir Alex Ferguson’s horse “Rock of Gibraltar” had a significant impact on the racing world and cemented Ferguson’s reputation as a formidable competitor.


Horse racing is even popular among the hip-hop and rap artists. One well-known hip-hop artist who enjoys horse racing is Jay-Z, who is currently more of an entrepreneur than a musician.

The acquisition of racehorse California Chrome by well-known musician and businessman Jay-Z, for an astounding $55 million, generated some headlines. After winning the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby, the horse was heralded as a possible Triple Crown winner. 

The $55 million proposal made by Jay-Z’s team and a few other investors was eventually approved by the racehorse owner Coburn. 

Sadly the horse didn’t win the Belmont Stakes and wasn’t crowned a Triple Crown champion. With that said, he still has an amazing horse and he has the breeding rights of the horse which will make him a lot of money.

Hugh Jackman 

Hugh Jackman, well known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men films, has an intense interest in horse racing.

It makes sense, coming from Australia. Why? Well, horse racing is, after all, quite popular in this area. The Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the biggest racing events when the Australian actor has been observed. 

Jackman’s presence gives the world of equestrian excitement celebrity power, whether it’s due to his natural love of horses, the social scene, or the thrill of the races. On top of that, he spends much of his leisure time with these magnificent animals and really loves riding horses.

We cannot wait to see Deadpool 3 set to release this year, where Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds will be teaming up.

Gene Simmons 

Since Gene Simmons no longer frequently leaves the home wearing his full KISS makeup, he might not be the easiest celebrity to spot in a crowd. Simmons takes pleasure in placing bets on the races in addition to watching them. His reality program featured a trip to the Kentucky Derby in one of its episodes. 

One time he placed a $100,000 bet with his girlfriend, on a Kentucky Derby horse based on the jockey’s silks. Sometimes you simply have to follow your gut even though it’s not always the best betting approach. 

Bode Miller

Another well-known person who not only watches horse races but actually owns racehorses is Bode Miller, a downhill skier who won an Olympic gold medal and the World Championship. His acquaintance with horse trainer Bob Baffert sparked his interest in the sport. In honor of the skier, Baffert even gave one of his horses the name Bodemeister! 

Miller has developed a special bond with the sport even if his horses haven’t always been the most successful. His interest in developing more effective horse training techniques has grown and he says that horse training practices haven’t improved for over 40 years, which is debatable since we now have technology and wearable devices. 

Having competed in the Olympics, he feels that horse’s ought to be treated as professional athletes rather than merely animals.