Makeda Smith is going from a local Chicago event to an international experience that will breed some of the world’s best global business leaders, the Licensed & Unbothered® is creating an unprecedented space for future billionaires.

After over 17 years of being a real estate agent and 4 years of creating a space for others to grow, Makeda Smith, CEO of Savvy Chicks in Real Estate®, is hosting the 5th Annual Licensed & Unbothered® Conference in Punta Cana from June 9-12, 2023.


Who is Makeda outside of your bio?

Makeda is a wife of 27 years, a mom, and a God-fearing woman of God. Most people don’t know that outside of my business savvy, I’ve been ordained as an Evangelist in the gospel since I was about 21 years old. Evangelists are natural-born teachers and have a way of breaking down the Bible in layman’s terms so that everyday people can relate to the mysteries of the gospel.

Whether I’m reading a book on business or prophecy, I pull out the most important pieces and break them down even further. I love it when I can break down scripture and translate it into instructions for businesses.


Can you tell us what the License and Unbothered®️ Conference is?

Licensed & Unbothered®️ is our annual conference created for Savvy Chicks in Real Estate®️ to show them the things that no one educated me on when I first obtained my license in 2004. For example, instead of maxing out on credit cards, it would have been nice to purchase my first investment as a condo or townhome. We do these things for our clients but oftentimes never for ourselves. I think that narrative has shifted over the years. We are learning how to get the real estate bag, keep the bag for generations and teach others how to do the same now.


With this being the 5th Annual License and Unbothered Conference, what can guests expect?

The conference attendees get to hear from experts who are hotel owners, private money lenders, traditional lenders, real estate investors, lawyers, financial advisors, brand strategists, marketing gurus, master coaches, team leaders, broker owners, top-producing agents, celebrity influencers, and more. This conference has now gone international with the first stop being the Dominican Republic, where I now hold a Real Estate license in international waters along with my real estate license in the U.S.

This year we have 12 implementation workshops taught by our experts that have previously spoken at our conference to help these ladies now implement everything we have taught over the years. We are super excited about that part, and we get to tour real estate properties while we are there.


Why is it important to have global branding for businesses in 2023? 

Follow the Billion-dollar brands. Companies like Uber, McDonald’s, Tesla, and Apple all started on U.S. soil; however, in order to expand their brand and revenue share in the marketplace, they expanded into global territories.

Real estate is not local, it’s global, and the way the economy is headed, if you’re not thinking ahead of the game you will get left behind. If you truly want to recession-proof your business, then move to make it expand. Not just across zip codes in the US but across countries, provinces, and continents across the globe.

Follow the lead of these Billion Dollar companies and stop playing small with your business. That’s the message that I’m spreading across my platforms.


What do you hope our readers gain from this interview? 

I hope that they start thinking outside of the box on how they can expand their territory and possess lands around the world. There are no limits to what we can do collectively.

I’m not just traveling to different countries and learning about real estate and business opportunities for myself but it’s for us.


What are you looking forward to most in 2023?

I’m looking forward to all that God has for me. We are still in the first month of the year, but I feel like 3 months of business have taken place. We’ve sold out two 2023 Visionary Brunches in Chicago and Atlanta. We have our first international retreat coming in Bali, Indonesia, and our very first destination conference in the Dominican Republic.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the women that will be activated in their business to push into global territories in 2023 as we make this world our playground of business opportunities.


Photo Credits: Melissa Hibbert