Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! 

You think you’re ready for “praise and worship”? We’ll get ready because there are some new kids in town and they’re all grown up. Breeann “Bree” Hammond, J. Brooks, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Elijah Connor, Nikkia Cole-Branch and Shana Wilson-Williams are coming to WE tv and ALLBLK to show the world what life is like in the spotlight of gospel. 

Join these six friends as they walk in their truths and share their stories about what it was like growing up with famous parents in the world of gospel and the church. This trendy new show created by reality star King, Carlos King, shows the gospel royalty all grown up and dealing with real life issues , drama success, and more. Prayer warriors hold on to your wigs, socks, and pretty much anything else because this ride might just have the motherboard clutching their pearls. 

 The cast is on a press run and leaving the audience gasping and wanting more. Tune in to “Grown and Gospel” premiering on WeTv March 16th at 9pm est and see why.