Keke Wyatt is the definition of R&B royalty, and now, she’s excited as ever to be launching her own TV show called Keke Wyatt’s World

Serving as an original series which premiered on WE tv on Thursday, October 12th, Keke Wyatt’s World will run as 6 one-hour episodes, which will become available on the popular AMC streaming service ALLBLK every Monday.

The plot? Of course, stepping inside the world that Keke Wyatt has created for herself, featuring the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Beyond her professional music career, which now sees Keke dropping her first album in over 6 years, Keke is also a proud wife, daughter, diva, friend, and mother. With a new baby added to her roster of 11 children, Keke is forced to find balance and harmony between all her endeavors. 

Regardless, one thing always remains true: family over everything.

Sheen spoke with Keke Wyatt about how the idea for her new show came to be, and what she wants to take away from it.


What’re you most excited for the premiere of Keke Wyatt’s World?

That I get to get out the house and have a party. I’m going to have a little watch party at Nouveau in Jonesborough. That’s going to be cute, and I get to party with my kids there. 

That’s beautiful.

I know right? Who gets to do that in real life?

How did the idea for the show first come about?

I got a call from a very good friend that I’ve been knowing for years in TV. She worked in TV with me when I was doing R&B Divas in Chicago. She called me like “Keke, I have something for you if you want to do it.” I’m like okay, oh, what is it? She said “reality TV.” I said ooh girl, I’m out.

She said, “What if I make you an EP? I said okay. That’s how that happened. 

Why were you against it at first?

Well, because I’ve been made to look like a fool before in reality TV. The way that it was edited, it’s awful. So I was a little hesitant. Nope, not doing that to me again. But this time, it’s my situation. Thank God. My team is on board and they can protect me from the bull.

Was it hard having cameras inside your home? How did your family respond? 

No actually. When cameras aren’t in there, it’s almost like nobody’s there. It’s weird, because we’ve done it so many times before. It becomes a part of your life, especially when it’s every day. It’s weird when the kids are like “where’s the film crew mommy?” I’m like, what? [laughs] 

A day off, the kids are asking “where’s the crew?” Oh my god.

Why is now the right time to release your album in 6 years?

Because I’ve been going through a lot. It’s a good way to release and let go. It’s like writing a book or writing in a journal. And I just want to sing. 

What’s one thing you want fans to take away from the show?

Inspiration. I want them to be inspired and see I’m human like everybody else. This is real life for me, just like it is for you and Sally and Jim Bob. 

Do you have any beauty secrets?

Yes. I used to do baby wipes all the time, but now the Neutrogena makeup wipes are so good. I love them. If you got any dirt on that face, they gon’ get off and moisturize your face at the same time. I love them. No seriously. You know, I’m an aging girl. But I don’t look like I’m aging good. [smiles]

Anything else you want to let us know?

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