In recent years, women have made significant strides in the world of business and entrepreneurship. More and more women are breaking the glass ceiling and shattering stereotypes, proving that they are just as capable and driven as their male counterparts.

In this article, we highlight 23 female CEOs who are making waves in their respective industries. These women are not only successful in their businesses, but they are also leading the way for other women to follow in their footsteps.

From Tech to fashion to ministry, these CEOs are pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. They are creating innovative solutions to complex problems and using their platforms to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We recognize the importance of uplifting and showcasing women in positions of power and influence. We hope that by highlighting these 23 female CEOs, we can inspire the next generation of women leaders to aim for the top and never settle for less.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of Sheen Magazine’s Top 23 Female CEOs to Watch Part 1.


Lencia L. Marshall

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Lencia L. Marshall is the CEO and founder of Grind & Grace Experience. She along with her tenacious team continues to make noise by developing a movement and an experience.

Lencia is known for raising the bar by transforming retreats into lifetime experiences where participants evolve from being mundane to hybrids. Through Lencia, God works wonders by touching hearts and talking about subjects that develop the participants holistically.


What to watch for in 2023:

The release of her 3rd book. Lencia successfully takes her pain and turns it into purpose. She’s not ashamed of the missteps she’s had in business. She shares those with her audience to hopefully prevent them from making the same ones. Lencia shows and teaches entrepreneurs of faith how to successfully merge ministry and market place all while not losing themselves, but discovering who they are in Christ


2023 Tip For Women CEO’s: 

Don’t be afraid to discover and stand on being your authentic self. It doesn’t matter how many people are in your industry or operating in your niche. God has given you your own special sauce.

Learn More: IG @grind_and_grace_llm and FB @lencia.marshall


Wanda Lynn McRoyal

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CEO of Wanda Lynn McRoyal

Wanda wears many hats. She is funny, creative, focused, empathetic, and unapologetic. Sometimes what comes up as a thought comes out.

She is always generating new ideas.

Wanda’s upcoming podcast in 2023 will focus on nothing but everything.

Family is everything to Wanda, who grew up on the south side of Chicago in a dysfunctional household. She makes her children know they come first and is always there for them. Grown now, they live a very connected life. Wanda is a wife, mother of three children and grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren. Her Love for family is unmeasurable.

Ms. McRoyal spent six years in federal prison for selling narcotics on a  large scale. Before her sentence, which could have been twenty years to LIFE, God stepped in and gave her a second chance. “I am not done with you yet,” were His words.

Wanda wanted to share her experience in hopes that she could help others change their lives before they make the mistakes she made. She released her life story, Pleasure Pain and Prison-parts one and two, six years ago. Five years ago, she combined the books, added more, and released it as the Unabridged 2nd edition. She is proud to announce the audiobook was released November 2022.

In her endeavors to help others, Wanda founded a drug and alcohol counseling facility with her daughters, who are also dedicated to changing lives for the better. Wanda believes there is no limit to success, nor is it limited to how much money you have. It’s your perception of what success looks like and feels to you.


What to watch for in 2023:

Not only is my podcast, “Let Me Tell U Something” is going to launch; My daughters and I have also created a nonprofit organization called “Stay Safe Homes” that is launching next year!


Advice for 2023 Women CEO’s:

Because I am involved in multiple industries I would have to sum up my advice to my belief, which is.. believes There is no limit to success, It’s your perception of what success looks like and feels to you.

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Faccebook Page –  Instagram-wandalynnmcroyal TikTok- @wandalynnmcroyal




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Meet Janovia: I have eye for fashion I love doing projects far as interior decorating or event planning or even layout designing for companies and homes.  I love to be my authentic self whenever a project comes to my attention I always make sure that it gets my all and my all is everything to me.


What to watch for in 2023:

I’m just getting started. 2023 I will be conducting credit classes for those who want to become their own boss and generate passive income. I also plan on starting a credit seminar in Chicago with like-minded business people that’s in this same field as I am in and then venturing off to other cities to educate and teach the fundamentals of creditworthiness and how having good credit can change your life. The January of 2023 I will also be starting my own transportation company (CREDMED TRANSPORT) because it all started with credit.


Advice for 2023 Women CEO’s:



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Brittaney Solomon


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I’m Brittaney. A registered nurse and owner of Beyoutiful Body Spa. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. As a single mother, constant elevation has always been a priority. When my fisher was born 17 years ago I worked as a cashier at Family Dollar and Burlington Coat Factory while I attended junior college. Soon after, I began working as a bartender and transferred to Chicago State University where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I worked in various fields and locations in the nursing profession (because if I didn’t like a position, I would quit fast). In 2019 while searching for new employment I was having trouble getting hired. I told me mother that God had something else in store for me. That is the year I birthed Beyoutiful Body Spa. Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs but I wouldn’t change my journey at all. I’m excited for the new things to come and to continue expanding my business.

What to watch for in 2023:

And why should you keep an eye on Brittaney? “We will be introducing new services to help clients meet & retain their goals. We will also be partnering with a local non-for-profit organization to being awareness to health from a holistic approach.”-  Brittaney Solomon

Advice for 2023 Women CEO’s:

Be consistent. Be pro-active. Be your own competition. Don’t follow trends, because they fade away.


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IG: beyoutifil_body_spa  Facebook: Beyoutiful Body Spa LLC  Tik Tok: nurse_brittaney


Candice Payne

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Who is Candice Payne? She is nothing short of a female powerhouse. As seen on Ellen, BET, ABC, CBS, in Essence Magazine, and in The NY Times, Candice is most known for saving the lives of the homeless community during a polar vortex in Chicago by renting out hotel rooms for over 120 homeless individuals for five days, while temperatures plummeted below zero. You may also know her as a prominent real estate broker who gets the job done. This is just the surface as there is so much more to Candice as a person and as a serial entrepreneur. Broker is not the only hat she wears. She has constructed Action for a Cause, a not-for-profit organization that removes the homeless from the streets of Chicago and gives them the opportunity to transition back into society. By purchasing and rehabbing properties around the city, Action for a Cause is able to provide the homeless with transitional housing. Not only is shelter provided, but they will have access to services available to teach them the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, starting a business, and credit education. Believe it or not, she doesn’t stop there. If you were in need of a real estate coach who could teach you all about the fundamentals and how to be successful, Candice is who you are looking for. 17+ years in the industry has given her the knowledge, experience, and a vast portfolio that tells a story of an ambitious and relentless woman who refuses to stop progressing. From fix-and-flips to investment properties to buy and hold, she teaches her students how to properly navigate the real estate industry. Need funding? Head on over to Greystone Mortgage Bank, where Candice and her team fund the deals that most banks say no to. They offer a vast majority of funding options that can help you turn that small business into the business of your dreams or turn that investment property into the hottest new rental on the market. We can also add developer to her resume as she is breaking ground in the spring of 2023 on her new multi-family property in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago. Real estate is not the only industry she is showing dominance in, she has also stepped into the health and beauty industry as the owner of not one but two full-service med spas. Body Werks Chicago offers its clients a one-stop shop with everything from waxes to massages and vaginal rejuvenation. When you’re finished in Body Werks head on over to Candice’s most recent project, Smoothie RX Chicago, South Loops’ newest organic cold pressed juice and gourmet smoothie bar. Female powerhouse is the perfect term for this leading lady as she continues to break barriers and inspire those around her to do the same.


What to watch for in 2023:

Taking on her new title as developer, the construction of her first multi-unit from the ground up in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago is definitely going to be a must-watch process. You’ll also want to keep your eye on Greystone Mortgage Bank as it’s Candice’s goal to help 200 individuals become investors in real estate by providing them with lending and funding the deals that the banks say no to. Greystone offers more lenient programs for home buyers and investors and by being a resource for so many people the banks find “nonfundable” she is becoming a hometown hero. What can we look forward to in 2023 you ask? More buildings, portfolio expansion, funding, development, and franchising Smoothie RX Chicago, so keep your eyes open.


Advice for 2023 Women CEO’s:

Learn how to surround yourself with like-minded people. Surround yourself with people who are looking to advance and elevate just as you are. Learn what your time is worth. Delegate what’s important so you can have peace of mind and you’re not always stressed about work. Prioritize what’s important so you can find the best use of your time. Time is essential.


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