Imagine collaborating with Jim Jones and Maino, over a beat produced by Zaytoven. This is exactly what happened with M Dot Taylor’s new single and visual titled “Biggest Fan,” released today. 

Hailing from Detroit, M Dot Taylor uses his pain as fuel to create something powerful and transformative. A former military veteran, M Dot Taylor has transformed himself into a rapper, singer, and songwriter, using music to heal, uplift, and motivate the masses.


M Dot Taylor’s journey to success was far from easy. In a single month, he faced the devastating loss of both his parents, a blow that could have crushed anyone’s spirit. However, rather than succumbing to despair, he channeled his grief into his music, using it as a driving force to create art that speaks to the soul.

“Biggest Fan” is the perfect record as you spend time with your significant other, with all intentions of spoiling and loving them for always holding you down.

Speaking on the making of the song, M Dot Taylor states, “The biggest fan collab came about all because I wanted to work with Zaytoven, so I reached out to him and he made me a custom track with the exact vibe I requested. After he sent me the track,I wanted to go to Atlanta to let him hear what I did right away. After he heard it, we talked about some more business moves that I got coming down the pipeline in the near future, and then I tapped in with my Dipset family in NYC. I let them hear the track, and the Lobby Boyz told me to pull up to New York and let’s make it a movie, and the rest was history. Shout out Jim, Maino, Zaytoven, Pone730, and my brother Will C.”

Will C of Street Heat is the brains behind the music video, as M Dot Taylor travels to NYC for the first time ever. He explains, “Will C of Street Heat has shot some of the biggest artists in the world and I completely trusted his vision. So he gave us the authentic NY bodega, front porch in the neighborhood vibes, along with some dope futuristic graphics.”

Photo Credits: Shirley Ju