Makeup artist Freedom is known for his gifted hands and the ability to use his gift to create a work of art through a full beat. Once in his chair, the transformation begins. He loves makeup. He started doing makeup for friends over eight years ago and knew that having the right makeup palette was vital. In no time, he worked on the faces of celebrities like NeNe Leakes, Latto, Jayda Wayda, 50 Cent, and Saucy Santana. 

Freedom learned to manipulate and understand skin when attending the Elaine Sterling Institute. His passion and inspiration come from deep within because he enjoys working with his hands. He can look at any face structure and know what is needed to transform that face from stunning and breathtaking to shocking, leaving people mesmerized. Freedom aims to leave his branding makeup artist mark on every face he touches. He is a true artist with a style that makes him unstoppable. Now with makeup products of his own, like Freedom Blenders, he is blazing a path for himself in the makeup industry. He also offers online courses for anyone interested in learning his makeup technique.

In a recent interview, we met the fantastic makeup artist Freedom to learn more about him.

Why did you decide to strike out on your own as a make-up artist? 

I’ve never been the type to play small, coming from a small town, striking out was inevitable, growth was inevitable.. 


What does make-up mean to you?

Makeup and beauty for me is my world, it’s one of those this things, i just can’t see my life without.. The passion I feel when I pickup a brushes is indescribable ..


At what point did you decide to pursue make-up as a career?

Makeup truly chose me, It was never a decision. Much like a lot of our natural god given talents, the gift chooses us.

What keeps you creatively inspired?

Watching my own content brings me so much laughter, and inspiration. I like to think of it as validation, it helps me to stay grounded, whenever I feel creatively blocked, depressed, or uninspired. It’s my reassurance that I’m on the right path..


What was your first big break?

My first celebrity client was 50CENT which for me at the time seemed unreal and extremely overwhelming opportunity..  Prior to our initial meeting I didn’t know what to expect, if you know 50CENT, then you know exactly what I’m referring to! But he pulled me right in for a photo op .. after meeting 50CENT it truly helped to broaden my horizon to the possibilities of beauty and what could actually happen for me in my  career.. so I began to really focus and study my craft not to long after I received a call from the iconic Nene Leakes!


How can we stay connected with you (social media pages, website, etc.?  

Instagram : @2gifted.hands 

TikTok: FreedomOnTheBeat