How did Pretty Prestige Events come to fruition?
Pretty Prestige Events came to fruition with me just styling events for my family and for my own children’s parties and events.
What inspired you to start Pretty Prestige Events?
I was inspired to start pretty prestige events after giving birth to my daughter. After giving birth to my son 7 years ago I suffered from Post Partum Depression and I did not want to go through the same thing again. So I started Pretty Prestige Events as a way to exist outside of being a mom. It gave me an opportunity to be creative and to do something I enjoy.
Who is Mercedes Frazier behind the brand Pretty Prestige Events?
I was born and raised in Memphis, TN and I have two amazing children. I work full-time in the Physical Therapy field,  and I honestly just love helping people. Rather it is helping patients with learning how to walk again or helping my clients with bringing their event visions to life, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have a positive impact on the individuals that I serve.
What have you learned about yourself from pursuing your entrepreneurial journey?
During my entrepreneurial journey, I have learned that anything is possible and to not doubt myself. I have learned to believe in my own talents and creativity and that I am capable of doing anything that I set out to do, no matter how difficult I may think that it is.
What difficulties have you faced as a black female entrepreneur?
I believe that as a black female entrepreneur, I have to work harder to prove myself. In my opinion, men or entrepreneurs of other races do not have to work as hard to prove how great their ideas or their work may be. I feel as if they receive instant support without any questions, concerns,  or doubts. But for me, I have had to fight or prove my work and creativity in order to receive that same support.
Photo Credit: Pretty Prestige Events