David Lewis Jr., Fritz Georges, and Jarrette Atkins grew up on the streets, with different backgrounds but bonded by their mutual passion for nutrition, fitness, and their community they created MacroBites, the first Black-owned ready-to-eat service company.

Prison in their early 20s meant they did not have the best starts in life, but they knew together that their combined experiences could make something special. Now with a fast-casual restaurant based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, a meal plan service, food delivery, merchandise, and a range of sauces, MacroBites is fast becoming a food empire.

Community is at the heart of everything, every meal that is shipped nationally, helps feed someone in the community for free through Foundation for The Culture. Created for a simple yet necessary purpose: to provide healthy food to underserved communities. Together, they have distributed over 61,000 high-quality, nutritious meals free of charge to the Asbury Park, NJ community since 2021.

“After my final stint of three ½ years incarcerated, I got into the restaurant industry, I started at the bottom as a dishwasher to being a general manager at a fast-casual restaurant. During this time, I developed a passion for fitness and earned by NASM certificate for Personal Training,” says David Lewis Jr. President MacroBites.

“I am the son of proud Haitian parents who emigrated to the US when I was a child. After years in and out of jail, I worked in the construction industry – from laborer to site supervisor. Now I am the General Manager of the MacroBites dine-in restaurant,” explains Fritz Georges, General Manager of MacroBites.

“I entered the workforce at 14, working in a kitchen at a retirement home doing the general cleaning, washing dishes, and picking up the resident chef’s techniques and skills. After high school, I continued my culinary training at a variety of restaurants. As I grew older, I started to develop a passion for health and fitness with a focus on nutrition. Combining my experience with my passion is how MacroBites was born,” describes Jarrette Atkins, Executive Chef and CEO, MacroBites.

David, Fritz, and Jarrette hope their story can inspire others to come together to use their combination of talents for the better and to show that it does not matter how you start, it is how you finish is what matters. For more information, visit

Photo Courtesy of Macrobites