Yesterday, I awakened to many phone calls from loved ones letting me know a family issue was occurring. I could only imagine what it could be about. I have been feeling good and did not want it to change. And no way was I going to allow what was happening to affect my positive energy. There was a side of me that would have just called everyone to see what was happening, but I did not do that this time. My peace of mind said, take a deep breath and get some fresh air. I listened to myself and did just that, even listening to some music. I must have stayed outside for hours and felt energized and alive.

I was no longer feeling anything negative. Get it away from me. I have been loving myself and others and respecting what I need the most, positive energy around me. Things are changing around me, and I see what is going on clearer than I have ever before, and that is protecting my positive energy from negativity. Not being mad and upset feels good. Not allowing people to affect your mood because they are upset, confused, angry, and mad at the world feels terrific. Operating from a place of positive energy is not easy because negative energy people seek you out more. Stay focused and go with the flow of things while keeping your peace of mind, love, and positive energy together.

Do things that make you feel at peace with yourself. Stay away from negative people. No matter how people treat you, walk away and keep your peace of mind and happiness, which negative and unhappy people do not have. You may have to cut ties with negative loved ones, friends, co-workers, clients, etc. When you cut ties with negative people, they will be mad and go out of their way to try and hurt you, but that is what negative people do. You see a side of negative people when operating with positive energy and happiness you have never seen before. If you are like me, you may love helping people, but if the people you are helping are not making positive changes in their life, they are not worth your time. They may only seek to keep you stuck, and part of their negativity will hinder your positive energy. Protecting your positive energy means you must eliminate everything and every situation in your life that is negative.

Everyone gets to a place of wanting to be in a positive place and surrounded by positive people. This does not mean that adverse situations will not occur or people will not attack you, but how you handle those negative situations that keep your peace of mind. So, the next time you feel like everything is wrong, just smile and keep moving. Your peace of mind and positive energy are gifts that many people in the world wish they had.


Photo by Prince Akachi on Unsplash