Creativity has to be constant. Sometimes it seems as though there’s no other way. The pandemic showed the world a lot. It showed us designer closets, DIY’s and so many other things.  Although some in the world experienced financial challenges, others in the world had financial breakthroughs, but it wasn’t from hitting the state lottery. It was from hitting the creativity lottery. The pandemic forever changed entrepreneurship. Creatives who were already creative literally had time on their hands to get MORE creative. That’s just what Shupier Jones did, became MORE CREATIVE. Recently SHEEN was able to catch up with her and discuss her new brand and more. 

Sheen: You are really the definition of that song where they sing “Sisters are doing it for themselves” You’re involved in so much. You write, you style, you decorate, you do home improvement and you’re an entrepreneur. Sis, where do you find the time?

SJ:  Different skills are definitely part of my character, but I don’t use them all at the same time. I find balance and mentally prepare myself before using my talents. The last impression I want to leave is someone thinking I can do it all. Honestly, I require a great deal of external energy to be creative. It can be exhausting, so I tend to focus on one craft at a time. It allows me to perform to the best of my ability and complete the task in a timely manner. If I have to multitask, I will concentrate on no more than two skills at once. The last thing I want to feel is overwhelmed.

Sheen:  With juggling all of these things how do you manage to prioritize? 

SJ:  I make time by structuring my day to accommodate whichever hat I intend to wear. My philosophy is, “Sleep when I’m dead.” Unfortunately, most people will think I’m biased because you need sleep to function. Don’t get me wrong: I sleep, but I make sure I’m the first to wake up and the last to go to bed in my household. I’m always trying to be a better version of myself. Anything with a low vibration does not grab my attention. I distance myself from it. I learned how to masterfully eliminate myself from things that do not add worth to my life.

Sheen:  When you were younger did you envision yourself being so involved and tapping into your creative side?

SJ:  I’ve always envisioned and tapped into my creative side. I was raised as the only child in the house. Having that type of upbringing channeled my imagination on a different level. It allowed me to think fast and put things together that most wouldn’t think to do. I had to learn how to adapt to any situation. Deep down, I knew I was unique and different from other children. I feel like I’m here to help those who can’t figure out their creative side; whether it’s being a mother, styling hair, interior decorating, authoring my next bestseller, producing a movie, modeling, acting, events planning, graphics  and fashion design, social media influencing, philanthropy, mentoring youth, marketing, or motivational speaking.

Sheen:  Ok so when we check out your social media page, you’re really taking down and putting down doors. It’s a new time and era, so do you feel like strong women, boss women like yourself; intimidate men and how do you deal with that?  

SJ:  Of course, I intimidate insecure men. A man who is confident will see us as a power couple. He will not view me as a threat or competition. Most men who are intimidated lack self-confidence.  My independent nature shouldn’t be misunderstood as someone who doesn’t need help from a man.  I’ve watched my mother be an independent woman for years, eventually, I became programmed to act as such. As an adult, I had to overcome this mentality. It has been a process of learning how to allow a male to do what I have been doing on my own. My issue was that I did not trust him to do what I asked because he did not act quickly enough. That was the worst possible decision I could have made. A man desires to feel needed, appreciated, and respected.  Going behind him and doing what I ask him to help me with is not making him feel any of those things. When I discovered how to be more vulnerable, I reinvented myself as a dependent woman who makes my partner feel needed.

Sheen:  Your latest brand, Pink Triangle Collection is a unique accessories line. How did you come up with that name?

SJ: Pink Triangle was inspired by the Pink Monkey Boutique in Miami, Florida. In 2013, there were three of us wanting to start a business together. We sat at a table to discuss a business venture as partners. That’s when I recommended making a triangle purse because I’d never seen a perfect triangle clutch bag before, and it could represent all three of us. I sketched the idea on paper at the table to show them what was going through my mind. In addition, I believed pink was a trendy and captivating color, so when I combined the two, the name Pink Triangle was born. Unfortunately, the other two girls’ friendship ended, and they moved on to other ventures. I never wanted to give up on Pink Triangle. I thought it was an incredible idea and worth investing. 2019 I learned about the business, revamped it, and finally launched it in December 2022.

Sheen: You’re very fashionable so it’s fitting. What would you say inspires some of your styles?

SJ:  Thank you for saying I am fashionable, but really, I have my mother to thank for my stylish taste. Growing up, my mother wasn’t the type of parent who bought name-brand clothing. She always had me shopping on the clearance rack. It aggravated me so badly because I had to put the pieces together. The same style of fashion today is the same way I was dressing in the early 2000s. I’m talking about the not-so-matchy type. I was forced to learn how to mix patterns, fabrics, and colors together to look fashionable in high school, or else I would get bullied. Over time, I learned to be bold when putting pieces together. Today, it made it easy for me to keep up with the latest trends.

Sheen: If you could have any celebrity endorse your product, who would you want to collaborate with and why?

SJ: Since I see so many celebrities wearing my product, this is a difficult topic to answer. If I had to choose, I would love to work with the lovely singer Rihanna. Pink Triangle is edgy, poised, and luxurious, with a refined sense of style. Rihanna’s style has the same effect on me. She is always wearing interesting clothing and handbags. I’m sure she’ll look great in the Pink Triangle animal collection. 

Sheen: So the influencers are doing the whole “pack my bag” content trend. Which Pink Triangle Collection product is your favorite? Why? What can you pack?

SJ: Pink Triangle is a luxury clutch bag for people who only want to take the most important things with them. I’ll put my car keys, cell phone, lip gloss, credit cards, driver’s license, and a small bottle of perfume in my Pink Triangle clutch.  I can’t say that I favor one over another. This is my creation. I adore them all for the versatility they lend to my wardrobe.

Sheen: What legacy do you want to leave for women like yourself who maybe you inspire?

SJ: I would like women to know that whatever brand they choose to construct their foundation on, you must have God in it. Your foundation will be able to endure any kind of weather that Mother Nature throws your way. Remember, there will be times when you will feel like giving up, but the Most High will guard and shield your entire body from others who are unable to see your vision and from self-sabotaging what has to be created by you.

Shupier Jones 


It’s time to get up and get moving now. No more excuses. Turn your everyday passions into a brand. Draw inspiration from anything. Never think it’s too late or your time isn’t now. Your time is whenever you decide to make a go at it just like Shupier.  Support her brand and show love. Keep your community striving and thriving! 


Photo Credits: James C. Lewis