In anticipation of TAVI OSHON’s new album, “PRIMA MATERIA,” Tavi recently collaborated with famous rapper Benny the Butcher on his single “Marble Floors.” This project showcases his creativity and impact on the hip-hop industry. Tavi aspires to produce music that will reach deeper connections, with real-life experience in his lyrics.

TavI has a diverse background in music. His journey started from being a self-taught MC to expanding his versatility as a musician, producer, and songwriter, expressing his dedication and passion for music. The combination of genres Tavi encapsulates in his catalog, his sincere lyrics, and complex arrangements create a unique sound.

Tavi forges a connection with his audience through modesty and dedication. Despite success, he adds authentic aspects to his persona, cultivating a loyal fanbase. With upcoming projects, Tavi secured movie roles and collaborations with some of hip-hop’s notable artists, illustrating respect and support of the industry.

Check out the “Marble Floors” video streaming on Benny the Butcher’s YouTube page!