In the world of closets and fashion, there exists a remarkable figure who seamlessly intertwines the realms of science and style. Known as “The Closet Girl,” Shaniece’s  journey from the scientific intricacies of Biology to working as a wardrobe stylist approach to closet organization transcends mere aesthetics, delving into the intricate tapestry of mental and physical well-being.

The transition from a scientific background to the fashion industry might appear unexpected, yet for “The Closet Girl,” it was a natural evolution. Embracing pit stops in finance and ministry along the way, she discovered an intriguing pattern among clients—anxiety and stress lingering within their closets. This realization was rooted in personal experiences, including the loss of her mother to stress-related issues and her own battle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Her scientific understanding of the psychological and physiological effects of stress propelled her mission beyond mere closet design. Beyond creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, her goal became anchored in enhancing clients’ overall well-being. By unraveling the neuroscience behind clutter and its impact, she aimed to give her clients the most valuable asset: time, while alleviating their mental burden.

The observation of disarrayed studios and overwhelmed emotions solidified her resolve to merge her scientific background with fashion. Understanding the fast-paced and high-stress nature of the industry, she recognized the transformative power of bringing order to internal and external environments.

Stories like that of a family residing on a farm resonate deeply, where a comprehensive home organization not only decluttered physical spaces but also unearthed forgotten passions. Transforming a shed into a craft room reignited the wife’s creative flame, echoing the profound impact a well-organized space can have on an individual’s emotional and mental state.

At the core of her closet organization principles lies a meticulous understanding of her clients’ lifestyles, goals, and emotional aspirations. This tailored approach aims to instill a mindset shift, a strategic plan, and sustainable systems, creating a harmonious and clutter-free environment.

From celebrities to executives, the emotional response after a closet transformation consistently echoes sentiments of peace, happiness, relief, and newfound freedom from clutter. The science behind this emotional shift is evident—the brain craves order, and a clutter-free space fosters clarity, creativity, and reduced stress levels.

Shaniece’s background in biology amplifies her understanding of human behavior, driving her unique approach. Prioritizing active client participation, she addresses not just the physical clutter but also the emotional and psychological aspects tied to it.

Understanding the pivotal role closets play in our overall well-being, “The Closet Girl” advocates for the importance of decluttering as a means to achieve internal and external harmony. Her vision extends beyond just physical organization; it seeks to revolutionize the perception of closets as a gateway to self-discovery and mental clarity.

Looking ahead, her mission expands to promote accessible and budget-friendly ways of embracing intentional, clutter-free living. Through a digital program and informative content, she aims to empower individuals to declutter their minds and spaces, fostering a world of serenity and organization.

In a world bustling with chaos, “The Closet Girl” stands as a beacon, illuminating the profound connection between the order within our closets and the tranquility within our souls. Her journey from Biology to the world of fashion has not only redefined the approach to closet organization but has also shed light on the intimate link between our outer environment and our inner well-being. Follow @shaniecemjones  on Instagram and via web at

Courtesy of Shaniece Jones