“My body, my choice” is a slogan that is meant to represent the idea of personal bodily autonomy, bodily integrity and freedom of choice; especially for women. Apparently in the state of Texas, this slogan will no longer apply. The controversial Texas law that blocks the option of an abortion at six weeks was voted on Wednesday morning. Access to almost all abortion has been cut off for millions of women. This law bans abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy which happens to be before many women even know they’re pregnant. The ending result is that many Texans will be forced to carry pregnancies against their will. When the news was broken to social media, women were not happy.

Upsetting tweets went viral, furious comments were posted, and even some lawmakers were sadden by the news. Women went to the streets to rally and protest with signs that said, ‘Keep Clinics Open’. A lot of questions that were circling around this topic have now been answered. What if a woman is raped? The law still stands. What if the woman changes her mind? The law still stands. What if the woman is left alone? The law still stands. The ending result for a lot of unborn children in the state of Texas won’t be good. Postpartum depression will rise. Poverty will rise. Possible abusive foster care systems will rise all to men creating a law that legally tells a woman what to do with her own body, the same body they are birthed from.