Black Wall Street Business Expo event will consist of an expo featuring black-owned businesses and a panel discussion that includes; Morris Brown College President, Dr. Kevin James, CPA & Financial Expert Jasmine Young Southern Heritage Financial Group, Psychologist and Pan-African Activist, Dr. Umar Johnson Food Network’s Master Chef Camerron Dangerfield, Real Estate Closing Attorney and Ladies Who Li$t Atlanta TV personality Cristyl Kimbrough, to name a few.

Can you tell us more about, what is the Black Wall Street Black Business Expo (BWSBE)?

The BWSBE is the Financial Literacy Institute, Inc’s (TFLI) signature program where the purpose of this event is to highlight the excellence of African Americans that was exemplified through the development of Black Wall Street while discussing how African Americans can use entrepreneurship and the black dollar to affect social change. It will consist of an expo featuring black-owned businesses, red carpet interviews with sponsors and special guests, a panel discussion between TFLI’s founder, Jasmine Young, CPA; headliner, Dr. Umar Johnson; and other financial literacy advocates, entrepreneurs, and other celebrity special guests such as Ladies Who List Atlanta Star Cristyl Kimbrough, Morris Brown College President Dr. Kevin James, and the City of Riverdale Georgia’s Mayor Evelyn Wynn-Dixon. There will also be a special announcement by Friends of the Movement (FOTM) Global regarding an actionable plan to rebuild Black Wall Street.

Why was it important for The Financial Literacy Institute (TFLI) to get involved and collaborate with Friends of The Movement (FOTM) Global?

It is important because last year we commemorated Black Wall Street’s existence and discussed rebuilding it, and this year we’re actually doing it using the actionable plan created by FOTM Global, which will be revealed at the event. Each attendee will be able to leave the event with a tangible plan and his/her carbon footprint on the new Black Wall Street that we will be rebuilding through our collaboration.

Can you tell us about the creation of the Black Wall Street Black Business Expo and what the partnership of FOTM will bring to black-owned businesses?

BWSBE was created in response to the murder of George Floyd in 2020. As a result of this tragedy, many businesses a stance on whether to “back the blue” or support Black Lives Matter. In making their stance, African Americans decided to boycott those businesses who “backed the blue,” and as a result, some businesses changed their stance in fear of losing the financial support of African Americans. It was at the recantation of these businesses’ statements to “back the blue” that I realized the answer to our social injustice issues is to pour our financial support into our own forcing those who wish to benefit from our financial support to support our needs socially. The partnership with FOTM Global will bring to fruition an actionable plan to pull African American dollars back into spaces where African Americans are supported socially, which is within our own community. This partnership will allow black-owned businesses in attendance at the BWSBE to be a part of the new Black Wall Street ecosystem that this event creates.

What can attendees expect from the BWSBE event and TFLI?

The biggest difference between last year’s event and this year’s event is a plan. This year all those who attend will know what the plan is to rebuild Black Wall Street and the steps each attendee should take to be a part of the new Black Wall Street.

How do early education, higher learning, and colleges play a part in untaught education in economics in the black community?

They play a part by not extending the curriculum beyond printed textbooks. For us to educate our own about our history, we have to go beyond what is right in front of us. Require assignments that reach beyond the information in printed textbooks. We must go above and beyond to educate our own about what isn’t widely spread about our history, which is the excellence that has existed among us since the beginning of time.

What would you like our views to gain from this interview?

More information about the purpose of this event and how we are using entrepreneurship to affect social change. We’ve voted. We’ve marched. Now it’s time to deploy another element of our voice, which is our wallet, and put our money where our support is and that’s within our own community.

How can people connect with you to learn more?

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Photo Credits: Rhayna C. Photography