For black culture, beauty salons and barbershops have been a communal gathering. Since the early 1900’s, they have become more than a place for hair care, and developed into a place for meaningful conversations and laughs amongst our people. Once this magnitude of black gatherings spread, hair shows were born to showcase our entrepreneurial spirit and the role we play in beauty culture.

Hair shows are mostly known for their lively audience and over the top styles that weave together fashion, beauty, and hair of course. They are ideal for improving your skills as a hair expert or gaining personal knowledge for your own hair care and inspiration.

To celebrate decades of the black hair experience, the Hair Show Gala was curated to gather aspiring and professional black creatives. Their debut show will take place Saturday, July 23rd in Georgetown, South Carolina. Attendees are encouraged to dress in their finest formal wear, and enjoy an evening filled with unexpected surprises and entertainment. The show will feature live musical performances including an array of genres -gospel, pop, old school r&b, and more!

“I want people to expect the unexpected, but I want them to leave inspired. There will be so many wow factors in the show, and I want them to (like) really be amazed.” says DeShawn Grimmage, creator of The Hair Show Gala. “This isn’t the typical hair show,” he says.

DeShawn Grimmage is a stylist based out of Atlanta, Ga but originally from South Carolina. He wanted to take it back to his roots where he developed a skill for styling edgy hairdos while allowing beauty and fashion to be his influence. After months of choreographing the show and creating some shocking hair inspirations, DeShawn is ready to show South Carolina its making.

The Hair Show Gala will feature a pre-show cocktail hour, vendor booths, and special host Micheline Barber.

For more information and tickets, visit Eventbrite.