Visionary R&B singer-songwriter UMI releases “wherever u r” – a special new track featuring V of 21st century icons BTS. Listen and stream HERE.

Comforting and vibrant, “wherever u r” is a heartfelt song where the two trade verses about loving someone from a distance. Initially written by UMI to express how much she misses her grandmother who lives in Japan, the song took on new depth and complexity when V turned it into a duet. The collaboration, which now speaks to separation of all kinds, came about organically, after the two exchanged messages about working together on a song.

“‘wherever u r’ is dedicated to all people with loved ones in different time zones, states, places. It’s a reminder that love is a frequency that can be felt no matter the distance. So, allow yourself to send love. It is always felt – in that random urge to text someone, call them or smile,” UMI explains. “Tae and I have been fans of each other for a long time. We recently connected when he shared my song on instagram – and very organically we started chatting about music & life. Eventually we decided to create a song together. With no agenda ~ just for the fun of it. When I found out he was going to the military, the theme of the song started to deepen, and we knew this would be a special song to share with both of our fans. It was all very organic and in the moment. I feel very grateful to have been trusted with this song. It’s truly a gift from our hearts to the world ~ and we are excited for people to enjoy it :)”


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Up next, UMI’s talking to the wind EP is out January 19.


About UMI:

Known for her warmth and deep honesty that flows freely through her music, Los Angeles-based UMI uses her art as a vessel for healing. Her name “umi,” meaning ocean in Japanese, is a beautiful reflection of her artistry—soothing like a day spent in nature. She flows through melodies and allows herself to dive into the human experience in a way that leaves listeners feeling deeply understood. Born in Seattle to a Japanese mother and Black American father, the multi-dimensional artist fostered her sacred connection to music and nature as a child, beginning to write songs at age five to make sense of the world.

With her 2022 debut studio album Forest in the City, UMI revealed a mastery of soul-searching lyricism and genre-expansive fluidity. She received praise for the LP’s “wish that i could be” for its blissful representation of queer relationships, which is integral to UMI both as a person and within her artistry. After breaking out as an openhearted prodigy with her lush songs of self-discovery, she’s since expanded into social justice advocacy, wellness, and fashion—using all these creative endeavors as ways to connect with herself, with others, and our natural world. 2023 saw her branching out as a leader in meditation and sound baths and emerging as a style icon, snapped at various New York Fashion Week shows (Helmut Lang, Bevza, Private Policy).

UMI now enters a new courageous and exploratory era with her new EP, talking to the wind, arriving January 19, 2024. Written entirely by UMI alongside close collaborator and producer V-Ron, the warm four-track project sees her meditating on a transformative love that emboldens her to accept all of life’s possibilities, as she expresses the full breadth of her emotions in Japanese and English. Made during a time in which she was unsure of her path ahead, talking to the wind taught UMI that “it’s OK to create without a map and to live without one too,” she reflects. “To let the wind of life take you where you were always meant to be.”


About V of BTS:

V (Kim, Taehyung) is a South Korean singer, songwriter and member of 21st century pop icons, BTS. V is known for his unique captivating charms and his distinct low pitch voice that enriches the sound of BTS’ music. His solo discography includes “Stigma,” “Singularity” and “Inner Child.” He demonstrated his song-writing capabilities with “4 O’CLOCK,” “Scenery,” “Winter Bear,” “Blue & Grey,” and “Snow Flower.” He also participated in Original Soundtracks for Korean TV series such as “Even If I Die, It’s You” (‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth’ OST), “Sweet Night” (‘Itaewon Class’ OST) and “Christmas Tree” (‘Our Beloved Summer’ OST), broadening his musical scope. V is also known as a fashion icon with his unique sense of fashion. In September 2023, V released his first solo album Layover, which highlights his natural charm and taste as a solo artist.



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Photo Credits: Ryusei Sabi