Sheneka Corbin-Boyles, born on January 6, 1978, is the remarkable CEO/Founder of Unapologetically No LLC, a beacon of love, light, and peace. Yet, her path to this luminous present was far from easy. Her life story is a testament to her incredible power of resilience and transformation.

Sheneka’s journey began with the heart-wrenching divorce of her parents when she was just three years old. At the tender age of nine, she endured sexual molestation and abuse that continued until she was 12. By the time she turned 14, she was pregnant, and by 16, she was a mother and a high school dropout, trapped in a cycle of emotional and physical abuse. As she grappled with these painful circumstances, she began using alcohol as a means to cope and numb her pain.

Fast forward eight years and Sheneka was divorced with three children, trapped in the grip of alcohol addiction. Her life was a series of blackouts and painful consequences, including a hit and run and a DUI. Sheneka realized she had hit rock bottom, prompting a life-altering decision. She sought rehabilitation in Florida in 2016 and stayed there for three months.

From Florida, Sheneka relocated to Columbia, where she stayed at Killingsworth, a sanctuary for women seeking a fresh start in life. Over the course of three years, she rebuilt her life from scratch, conquered her addictions, and has now been sober for an inspiring seven years.

Today, Sheneka works at a renowned recovery center, dedicating five years to helping individuals struggling with alcohol and substance abuse issues. She is not only a survivor but the CEO/Founder of Unapologetically No LLC, a representation of her commitment to living life on her terms with unwavering boundaries and pride. Her logo embodies her philosophy: “No Unapologetically with a smile.”

Sheneka’s transformation from a girl battling childhood trauma and addiction to a beacon of hope and sobriety is a testament to the idea that when life knocks you down, you can rise like a blazing fire. Her journey, from hangovers to healing, has been nothing short of incredible.

Sheneka now generously shares her experience, strength, and hope with those grappling with people-pleasing and boundary-setting struggles through her website. She believes in spreading hope and offers a valuable eBook on healthy boundaries. Additionally, her website showcases a range of fantastic merchandise, including mugs, cups, and clothing apparel.

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