After a year and a half of meaningful dialogue and solutions within the creator community regarding racial disparities, content crediting, inclusion and equity; Collab Crew (formerly known as Collab Crib) has finally found the solution — being their own bosses. Just minutes away from downtown Atlanta, Collab Studio ATL is where the world’s leading digital creators, platform innovators, creatives,  and young entrepreneurs can thrive together in one place. It’s the new place for GenZ and Millennial businesses to soar in a corporate environment with a twist and taste of young black culture. They are leveling the divide by collaboration.

This August during Black Business Month the studio will open to those with exclusive memberships. Collab Studio ATL will be a tech based
one-stop-shop for content creators, HBCU students, and young entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. This space will be a visual experience and hub of different tech focused businesses that will collaborate; providing services/resources to those who join. Members will be granted exclusive opportunities to a plethora of tech/creator based services (Including Publicity, Marketing, Content Development, Classes, and more). Opportunities for film production, photography, music production and more will be available via the studios’ future hollywood inspired sound stage, sets, and music studio.

“We are champions” says Robert Dean III, Collab Studio ATL’s CEO & Founder. “Our mission currently is getting these creators paid”. The veteran content creator and founder of RobiiiWorld Studios is currently in full production of his new film ‘Knock’.  While being a content creator himself, he sees the importance of not just having a space to create but wants the creators’ businesses to profit from the success of the collective. So often within the creator economy, black creators are working at a deficit. Having consistent resources and solutions for them to directly grow is why this studio is so important to Rob.

The creator collective Collab Crew are founding members and their businesses have the opportunity to individually thrive at the new office. This new tech lab startup will continue to ignite the energy for young entrepreneurs to push culture forward within the creator community, tech, and film industries.


GOATED Entertainment LLC – Social Advertisement, Modeling, Musical Production, Luxury Fashion

Tray Bills is in production of his upcoming musical debut. This project is his introduction to his musical career. He is consistently growing his Youtube platform and luxury fashion brand GOATED.

CHADIO LLC – Content Creation, Gaming, Modeling, Photography & Videography
CEO MERCH LLC – Retail & Online Merchandising

Chadio, the newest member of Collab Crew and founding member of Collab Studio ATL, plans to continue his endeavors creating short form content while expanding his CEO podcast where he will discuss everything a young tech professional may experience. He plans to not only share the knowledge he has been able to get over the years but truly share the lifestyle with his CEO fashion line.

Putta Crown On It, LLC –  Gaming/Classes/Merchandise

Queen Khamyra plans to utilize the studio to expand on her personal brand through gaming and merchandise. As a young entrepreneur
she also looks forward to teaching courses to those looking to kick off their gaming and social media careers. Putta Crown On It’s founder will be able to provide great insight on business and how at 15 she was able to be listed as Forbes 30 Under 30.

DREM Visualz, LLC –  Film Production

Jiron ‘JG” Griffin founded DrEm Visualz as a place to aid content creators with film production. He plans to expand his work at the studio by aiding more creators with videography and editing.

Kastle Brands LLC –  Branding, Digital Marketing and Music Production

Kaelyn Kastle is a Bermudian POP STAR and social media creative known for her  unique & calming voice ,addictive blend of brutal synths
and punchy beats. Recently, Kaelyn Kastle partnered with Dallas Austin’s Distribution company DAD to release her current leading single ‘Sunsets Suck’ Within the Last year Kaelyn Kastle was named a Forbes 30 under 30 lister in the category of  technology and social media.

BStarPR, LLC –  Publicity, Creator Support Services, Marketing, and Brand Consulting

BStarPR provides premier public relations & marketing services for late millennials and GenZ. We work with a variety of clients who market to the college demographic. We specialize in events, influencer marketing, and media relations. We help leverage young voices and accomplishments. Our insight and perspective on the target market, business, and entertainment industry make us the best in class.


Collab Studio ATL is a music & film production tech lab for young entrepreneurs. Collab Studio ATL will be a tech based one-stop-shop for content creators, HBCU students, and young entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. This space will be a visual experience and hub of different tech focused businesses that will collaborate; providing services/resources to those who join. Members will be granted exclusive opportunities to a plethora of tech/creator based services (Including Publicity, Marketing, Content Development, Classes, and more).


Collab Crew (formerly Collab Crib) is one of the nation’s leading BIPOC Influencer collectives. This Atlanta-based group includes 10 young
creators who have a combined audience of 30 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. These creators ‘Eat, Sleep & Breathe’ Social Media to create relatable, authentic, and engaging online content for their audiences. The featured talent is a mix of musicians, actors, actresses, models, comedians, directors and more.

Collab Crib has partnered with Amazon Prime Video, Atlanta Hawks / NBA,
META / Instagram, NAACP, Steve Madden and more.


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