“Consistently prioritizing your physical and mental health will make a positive difference in every area of your life.” – Lauren W


Tabata Workout
You will do each move for 4 minutes – 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Then move on to the next move and so on. Push yourself! Keep the pace up.

1. Inverted Push ups
Starting position is a plank with your feet elevated on a bench or step. Lower yourself towards the ground keeping core still and back flat. Push back up to plank. Repeat.

2. Asymmetrical Elevated Squats Jumps
Start with feet about shoulder width apart and one foot elevated on a low bench or step. Squat down, aiming to get your thoughts parallel to the ground. Stand up launching into your jump off elevated leg. Repeat. Do both sides.

3. Bench Core Crushers
Sit on bench with feet extended in front of you hovering above the ground. You can hold the side of the bench with your hands for more stability. Maintain balance while pulling knees towards the chest. Extend legs back to starting position without touching the ground.

4. Quick Steps
Step onto the bench with both feet, then return both feet to the ground in the same order (Left, right. Left, right). Repeat as quickly as possible for the 40 seconds. Each round remember to lead with a different foot.


Wild rice + Beans, Avocado, Egg

Photographer Credit: Ashley Barker (@barkerfoto)